Lethal League

In Lethal League, up to four players face off against each other in an arena. The goal to hit a baseball back and forth, and have the ball hit other players until there's only one player left. With each consecutive hit, the ball will speed up more, making it harder for the other players to not get hit and hit the ball back. In their review, Destructoid described the game as "If Mario Tennis and Smash Bros. had a baby, and it was raised by European DJs who love baseball."


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Available Steam Controller Configs for Lethal League

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AutoUploader Cookieman's Bindings 0 2 133 Details
AutoUploader Lethal League Full Options 0 5 24 Details
AutoUploader Trigger Happy 0 0 3 Details
AutoUploader DimensionalGames's Lethal Bindings 0 0 1 Details