Samurai Warriors 4-II

Samurai Warriors 4-II (???? 4-II, Sengoku Musou 4-II) is the revised edition of Samurai Warriors 4. Its sales pitch is to present the "perfect version" of the title, words which are reminiscent to Chronicle 2nd's marketing. The producer adds that it is "another side" of the same game, neither a continuation nor a Xtreme Legends expansion. It is the last title to celebrate the series's tenth anniversary.


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Available Steam Controller Configs for Samurai Warriors 4-II

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AutoUploader Lia's Steam Controller Binding 0 5 26 Details
AutoUploader KadreVex's Bindings 0 4 3 Details
AutoUploader Robubie's - Default X360 Controls 0 4 1 Details
AutoUploader Streamlined Zero Config 0 0 0 Details