Killer is Dead

Killer is Dead is a brand new action title jointly developed by Kadokawa Games and Grashopper Manufacture, with Suda51 lending his trademark sense of style at the helm. A reputable execution agency’s newest recruit, Mondo Zappa, takes center stage as he stalks and beheads a wide variety of heinous criminals all across the world (and even, perhaps, outside of it). As he settles into his new job, he also comes to terms with his own inner demons, balancing his talent for dispensing swift and brutal justice with his fleeting memories of a traumatic past, and peppering it all with his many sensual conquests. Be he a killer, a lover or a gigolo, his many tales of passion and brutality begin with his appointment at Bryan´s Executioner Office. A whole world of pain and pleasure awaits, and there’s no telling where it might take him next…


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