Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is a forthcoming space trading and combat simulator that represents the fourth instalment in the Elite video game series. Having been unable to agree a funding deal with a publisher for many years,[1] the developers crowdfunded the project through a Kickstarter campaign. The Windows version is due to be released in March 2014, with a Mac OS version three months later.


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Available Steam Controller Configs for Elite: Dangerous

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AutoUploader Elite Dangerous 0 163 1307 Details
AutoUploader Badben's Elite:Dangerous Binding 0 172 137 Details
AutoUploader Saio's Bindings 0 11 225 Details
AutoUploader Elite: Dangerous Controls 0 13 74 Details
QNimbus CMDR Nutella-Addict's Setup 0 54 0 Details
TheGreatAndMightyNeb Master Plan's Elite Bindings 0 11 0 Details