Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2, the much awaited game of the year can be played in single order or in multiple player mode as it's all up to you. During the single player campaign you can control five different characters from a first person perspective and this is what makes the player more excited to play. Check out the following different characters of the game play of Modern Warfare2: Sergeant Gary Sanderson (Roach) - He is a member of a multinational and elite commando unit called Task Force 141. Private First Class Josepha Allen (Ranger) - This is the character that is staged in Afghanistan but who works undercover for the CIA in Russia under the name of Alexei Borodini. Private James Ramirez (Officer of the Ranger Regiment) - He is the first battalion's 75th Ranger Regiment in United States and is an important character that serves in defending the eastern coast of United States from Russian invasion. John Mac Travis (Soap) - He is an important character in the final three missions of the game play. He also assumes the role of the International Space Station Astronaut. The Plot of the Game: This game starts of in Afghanistan where First class Joseph Allen assists in taking the city from the insurgents. General Shepherd is impressed by Allen's combat abilities and recruits him in the task force 141 which is a multi National Counter Terrorists unit which runs under Shepherds commands. In the meantime, Roach and Soap who are both dominant characters according to the games scale, are taken to a mountain of the Tian Shan to infiltrate an airbase in Kazakhstan. Allen is then sent off on an under cover mission to Russia and he works under the CIA and goes under the name of Alexei Borodin. At the Zakhaev international Airport in Moscow, Allen joins Makarov in a massacre of civilians and as the story unfolds it reveals that Marakov was aware of the true identity of Allen and wanted to expose him so that the Russian police would believe that America was responsible for all the killing and the terrorist attacks. As the Russians are to believe the Americans are responsible for the massacre killing, they are angered and ready to retaliate with a massive surprise attack on America. In this sequel of the Call of Duty game play, the non-playable characters play a dominate role. Soap returns as an NPC and serves as the superior officer and mentor to Roach. The other important character is the mysterious Simon Ghost Riley who wears a mask to conceal his face which is actually a skull print Balaclava.


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