Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighter where the best of the baddest-ass warriors in history battle each other in an eternal tourney of champions for bragging rights, infinite mead, and the pure pleasure of delivering a beatdown. Includes online 4 player free for all, team games, custom games, and local play options. During Alpha and Closed Beta access will be limited, but once we go to Open Beta we will be a free to play game. Get in, have fun, and brawl your heart out!


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Available Steam Controller Configs for Brawlhalla

Uploaded By Name Upvotes Downloads Steam Users View Details
AutoUploader Brawlhalla Default Touchpad/Gamepad Options 0 1 229 Details
AutoUploader Super Brawlhalla Bros. 0 23 4 Details
AutoUploader Player One Brawlhala Bindings 0 0 5 Details
AutoUploader Pluckerpluck's Analogue Bindings 0 0 2 Details